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Builder Cleans Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What does the After Builder Cleaning service include?

A: Builder Cleans service includes the following tasks:

  • Internal cleaning of windows, window sills and frames

  • Cleaning of doors, door frames, skirting boards, switches, sockets and fixtures

  • Cleaning of the entire property, including fittings like cupboards, shelves, and wardrobes. All furniture must be emptied out in advance.

  • Cleaning and polishing of all surfaces in the property

  • Removing limescale from kitchen and bathroom tiles

  • Cleaning of sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and other bathroom fixtures

  • Removal of all Packaging and tapes from new appliances and cabinets etc


Q: Do I have to provide any cleaning materials or equipment for the clean?

A: No, Builder Clean's cleaning teams will bring all products and equipment necessary for completion of your clean. All the materials are included in the price of this service.

Q: Can I book an after builder cleaning service if the builders haven’t finished with the work yet?

A: Builder strongly recommend booking the After Builder Cleaning service more than 24 hours after the builders have completed their work on the property. Builder will be happy to clean some areas of the property while builders are still working on other parts, in order to give you a clean area. However, please keep in mind that Builder can’t guarantee the best results if there is more construction/renovation work to be done after the cleaning service.


Q: Do you use chemicals?

A: Builder use professional-grade cleaning products designed for use in both domestic and commercial properties. However, if you are sensitive or allergic to certain chemicals, please tell Builder when you book your clean and Builder will make sure that the clean is carried out with alternative products.

Q: Do I need to provide a parking space for the cleaning team?

A: Yes. Please make sure there is an available parking place for Builder at or near the property. If a parking place is not made available a fee may be added to the final bill to cover parking charges.

Q: Are you CIS registered?

A: Yes, Builder Cleans Ltd is CIS registered, if required please ask for further details.

Q: What Payment methods do you accept?

A: Builder accepts payment by Bank Transfer. Builder do not accept cheques or Card Payments.

Q: Are the cleaners insured?

A: Yes, Builder Clean's cleaning teams are fully insured (£10 Million). If you would like more information about this please request this while you discuss your quote.

Q: How is your Builder Cleans service different from regular cleaning?

A: Regular or domestic cleaning is meant to be regular top up service, while Builder After Builders Cleans are a lot more comprehensive as they include specialised equipment and professional materials and time is taken to ensure that all mess left behind after the build is cleaned and polished. It will also reach those hard to get to areas where it’s likely dust has collected, areas where a domestic cleaner will not reach.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: Builder Clean's cleaning teams can travel to anywhere within the London M25 zone & Home counties (Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Surrey, Essex & Middlesex) as well as the surrounding postcodes. If you are unsure if Builder can cover your area, please get in touch today.

Q: Can you come out and do an estimate?

A: Yes, one of Builder trained estimators can come and visit your property to ensure the quote is as accurate as possible.

Q: How many cleaners will arrive?

A: Builder usually send a team of cleaners, but size of the team will depend on the size and complexity of the job.

Q: Are you able to clean windows?

A: Builder cleaners will only clean the inside of the windows and inside the openings of those windows. At no time will our cleaners clean the external side of windows.

We often get asked for prices over the phone however for most projects Builder insist on carrying out a free site visit. This enables us to get a real feel for the size of the project and how many cleaning operatives are required on the day. builder can also establish what / if any additional equipment or materials are required.

Builder Cleans Terms & Conditions 

Basic Property Conditions Required for Builder Clean or Sparkle Clean


Builder conduct a wide variety of cleans across the area we cover and we have over the years seen everything, as such Builder Cleans require the following items to be in place before we can conduct any clean. All properties should have:

- All windows and doors installed (or suitable coverings or hoardings over the openings). 

- Hot & Cold water - Turned on and available at every outlet throughout the property.

- Electricity - at least 1 working outlet in each room to be cleaned throughout the property.

- Lighting - at least 1 working light in each room to be cleaned throughout the property.

- Heating - Turned on and running when it is suitable for it to be on ie. Winter months.

- ​If any Utility services are on a Prepayment Card / Key please ensure there is sufficient credit on the card / key for the duration of the clean.

- Parking for at least one vehicle on the day of the clean - it is the responsibility of the site manager or owner to provide parking for one of our vehicles, if parking is not provided an additional charge for parking may be added to your final invoice (likewise if the job site is in the London congestion zone, this charge will be added to your final Invoice).     

At NO point in time will any employee of Builder Cleans work above the height of 3 meters, with the maximum height for glass / window cleaning being 2.6 meters from the ground. Please note Builder only cleans glass / windows from inside the property and only clean the inside surface of the window (and inside the window track IF the client has requested this extra service in advance). At no time will Builder Cleans .com clean ANY external Glass / Windows / Doors (front / side / back / patio doors will only ever be cleaned on the interior surface). 

Light Fixtures will be cleaned in situ without removing them from where they are installed, however complex and fragile light fixtures should be uninstalled and placed at an appropriate working height if they are to be clean by Builder as part of the clean. Any light fixtures that appear / are installed between when we view the site and the day of the Builder Clean that fit the description of complex or fragile will NOT be cleaned. Chandeliers, complex and / or fragile lights are always priced separately from any clean as these require extra time and specialist equipment. At any time if ANY light fixture is above 2.6 meters and needs to be cleaned in situ (whether it is a normal light or a complex and fragile light) it is the responsibility of the site manager to provide a safe working platform is erected for Builder employees to work from for each and every light in the property. 

At NO point in time will ANY employee of Builder work above the height of 3 meters without the site owner providing a safe working platform for them to work from.

All quotes and estimates provided prior to the day of the Builder Clean are based on information provided by the client and / or inferred from a site visit by Builder, any deviation from what has been assumed for the purposes of the quote or estimate are subject to review & change by Builder on the day of the clean.

Builder Business Terms & Conditions

Digital Images & Media Terms

Builder will take before and after pictures of your home both internal and external images, these are taken for Builder own records, training and marketing purposes. It will be assumed that you grant your consent for these pictures to be taken by instructing us to undertake a Builder Clean or any other clean (we may contact you as a courtesy but this is not required), however in the event you do not want pictures of your property published on our website and / or social media feeds, please let Builder know before or even after your Clean and we will be to accommodate your request as Builder respects every clients desire for privacy.

At no time will any images taken focus on specific items or personal belongings, unless it is your personal property that could or was damaged and photographs maybe required by our insurance company to process a possible claim. At no point will any images include images of any person living in or outside the home.

If any images (Interior or exterior) from your clean are used on our website or social media feeds Builder will be as vague as possible in defining the specific location by utilising town names or regions.

Payment Terms

Builder ONLY accept payments by Bank Transfer. (Use Invoice# as Pay ref.)  All Cleans (Builder Cleans, Sparkle Cleans & Hybrid Cleans):  A 50% deposit is required in advance of your clean (if quote/estimate value is over £250) with the remaining or full balance due by Bank Transfer before the end of last day of your clean. 

Failure to make full payment of the remaining balance will result in additional interest charges (at a rate of 5% per week) being added to the outstanding balance. Furthermore if any balance remains outstanding for more than 3 months, we will seek full repayment of the outstanding monies, as well as all interest due on the monies owed as well as any court costs and / or recovery costs through the courts. 

Any changes in the date of the clean must be received by Builder no later than 36 hours prior to its commencement of the original clean date (typically our cleans will start at 9am on the day of the clean), at which time a new clean date will be secured (this is typical with building cleans where builders don't always finish on time), however failure to inform us at least 36 hours prior to the clean will result in your deposit being forfeit.

Builder accepts payment by Bank Transfer. Builder does NOT accept cheques or Credit/Debit Card as a form of payment.


Last Minute Additions/Subtractions or other Changes to the Cleaning Spec on the day of the clean Terms

Any Last Minute Additions or changes to the cleaning spec over what has been agreed in advance which results in more work being undertaken may alter the total invoice to be paid for the clean, Builder will inform you of any additional costings as you request additional work to be undertaken (please bear in mind if too much additional work is requested on the day of the clean it may not be possible for us to complete the clean in 1 day, and would result in a 2nd cleaning day, which may not be the following day).  Any Last Minute Subtractions or changes to the cleaning spec over what has been agreed in advance which results in less work being undertaken will not alter the total invoice to be paid for the clean.  

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