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Builder Cleans Services

Builder Clean


The aim of a Builder Clean is to remove, clear and clean all parts of the property of construction debris leaving the property spotless and ready to move into. During the Builder Clean process our teams will clean every aspect of your property to reveal your sparkle clean dream property.

Our Builder Clean teams work with Builders, Project Managers & private home owners to ensure that when the build is complete, (regardless of the state the property is left in), Builder Cleans can start the Builder Clean process thereby ensuring every surface is spotless, doing the Builders hard work justice by creating a showroom sparkle clean finish for your property.


Undertaking a Builder Clean can seem like a daunting prospect, after what feels like  a never ending build of your dream home and you cant wait to get back into the house and start making it a home, however the reality is nothing is clean. This is where our Builder Clean service can help.


Our Builder Clean teams specialise in turning your building site into your new home and making your builders hard work really shine. An After Builder Clean is a whole day affair and we will not leave till your building site has been transformed into your dream home. Your building site will have a full Builder Clean where everything will be Deep cleaned / steamed and polished so that within one day you will stop calling your home a "building site" and proudly call it "home". Every part of your property will be vacuumed, cleaned, steamed, polished by our staff who will also be removing all the paint splashes, building debris etc. Every Builder Clean is individually priced as no two building sites are the same.

Builder can also offer cleaning services during the building process.

Please see our Builder Clean Checklist



Sparkle Clean


The aim of a Sparkle Clean is to return a property to its new polished state as after the Building work and the Builder Clean, dust will inevitably be settling for a while (this will be more noticeable in unoccupied houses that are standing empty - maybe awaiting their new owner) and what is required is a Sparkle Clean to bring back that new polished look.


Our Sparkle Clean teams can in one day we can turn your home back to your dream house. Every property is unique and is priced individually ... the price we quote is a fixed price. Sparkle Cleans are undertaken on any property that has had building work undertaken (as well as its Builder Clean) that have either had an extensive period of additional works (the Builders "Snag List") or have stood vacant for a period of time. 


Our Sparkle Clean teams leave no stone unturned and your house will shine after the clean. All cleans are adaptable and can be tailored to the clients requirements, budget or to what the property requires. ​ work with Property Developers, Interior Designers & private home owners to ensure that the property is left sparkling prior to either the sale of the property or move in of the Client. ​ Builder also offer a repeat Sparkle Clean service for properties that have a long sales process.

Please see our Sparkle Clean Checklist


Hybrid Clean


Hybrid Cleans are for properties that have undergone a partial renovation, with some of the property being untouched by the Builder however it is still in need of cleaning. ​


Builder would undertake to do a Builder Clean to the refurbished parts of the property and a Deep Clean to the remainder, even removing the Limescale in hard water areas from your old bathroom - please ask for details. Builder Cleans services are adaptable to all properties and budgets and as no two properties are the same...the price we quote is a fixed price.

Reset Clean


Reset Cleans are for owners of properties that have in the past undergone a full or partial renovation and the home owner is looking to restore or "Reset" the property back to how it was after the Builder Clean or Sparkle Clean.

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